Gold Award update

I am very excited to report that my gold award was approved and I received my pin last week. I was ecstatic when I received it. I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude to everyone who supported and encouraged me throughout my journey.


Now that my finals are done, I had some time to think about my gold award project. I would like to thank the staff of Flory Academy for their support in my endeavor. I would also like to thank my mentors, Ms. Sruthi and Ms. Karen, and my troop leader Ms. Judy for their encouragement and advice.

I created a survey to get feedback from parents on my project and I received them last week. I am happy to report that every single one of them was positive. I am working on submitting my final report and I hope it will be approved by the committee.

Week 12 – Final Performance

Today was the final performance for the parents! It went really well. The program was well received by everyone. I would like to thank Ms. Jenny and Mr. Jared and after-school teachers for their support and encouragement all the way. It was a pleasure working with kids and I was very excited to see their enthusiasm in every class. I will be submitting my project report once my finals are done.

Week 11

Our last practice session was on Friday. I had put together two songs together as a continuous piece and we practiced on stage, kids were very ecstatic!

End of year performance will be this Friday and I can’t wait!

Week 10

Yay! I finished choreographing for both songs. Kids did really well, they were very excited for the performance. I went early and talked to the lead teacher about end-of-year performance. The parents did not want the performance video posted anywhere other than the Girl Scouts Board watching them. I re-phrased the original permission form and sent it to the teacher and along with a letter introducing myself and my gold award project. I am also planning to have a henna session, so I created a permission form for that too. We decided that the kids can wear red blouse/shirt for the performance. I will be buying henna cones with the money that I made by recycling water bottles.

Week 8

The class was exciting last Friday, Kindergarteners came running to me once they saw me. We started the second number last week. Kids seem to like the beats of the new song. Some of the 5th graders were absent for last class due to their drama performance, so I went over the new steps with them. They caught the steps easily. We went over the first song a couple of times and then continued with new song and steps. I talked to the lead teacher about the end of the year performance and it will most likely be in the first week of June.

I had created a simple print and electronic publication permission form a month ago and sent it to my mentor from Girl Scouts to verify and get it approved. My mentor informed me last week that it got approved by Girl Scouts committee. I have made copies and given them to the lead teacher so that she can send it with kids to get parents approval to video tape the performance.

Week 5

I met the kids after a couple of weeks due to spring break. I was worried that they might have forgotten the steps and was feeling anxious when I walked in to teach them. Surprisingly, they had not forgotten and we went over the old steps to review. A couple of kids needed some clarity and some of them could not wait for the song to be played. I wanted to finish teaching them the first song which is a minute long. We went over the new steps, couple of kindergarteners said that the steps were too fast so I had to slow down and teach them each movement. The older kids are grasping well and the younger ones are taking time to learn. They are very enthusiastic and that motivates me even more. The teachers joined in to learn the steps too. Overall, it was a great session.

Week 3

Week 3 went great, as soon as I entered through the gate inside school, I heard some kids yelling my name as they saw me, I felt happy. I had choreographed for about 20 seconds for this class. We went over what we had learnt the past 2 weeks and continued with the new lesson. There was a new kindergartner in class, she was so enthusiastic and she caught up quickly. As we went over new steps, a couple of kids said that some steps were too fast and they could not understand. I pulled them aside and went over with them many times. We practiced about 5 to 6 times. The dance teacher helped me in keeping the class from getting distracted. I noticed that some kids were tired but still they asked questions till they got the steps. I was inspired and motivated.

Week 1

Today, was the first class. After my presentation from last week, the after-school coordinator collected a list of kids who were interested in participating in my dance project. There were about 30 kids with varying ages from kindergarten through fifth grade. All of the kids seemed very excited to start dancing and were energetic throughout the class. I was slightly nervous, but the kids and the dance teacher helped me feel at ease. The dance teacher helped me teach the class. We learned about 20 seconds of the first song. We went over the steps many times and I hope they remember it next week.